Anilox Roller Cleaning Machine

McLantis is manufacturer of anilox roller cleaning machine | anilox ultrasonic cleaning machine | anilox roller cleaner

1. Economical and practical cleaning equipment with multiple remarkable functions.

2. Small and exquisite, easy to operate.

3. Safe and effective cleaning anilox roller.

4. Suspension type of design, exchangeable and optional between single frequency and double frequency.

Single frequency: 40 KHz, stabilized and reliable, cleaning thoroughly.

Multiple frequencies: after removing stubborn dirt with low frequency, you can clean highly precisely. 

5. Customized cleansers of different sizes can be available.

6. Equipped with roller swiveling wheel.

7. Equipped with heating and constant temperature system.

8. The waterproof function has been largely improved, which makes the product durable and safe.

9. Stainless steel shell, making the product more graceful and durable in use.

10. The cleaning fluid can be made with tap water and a bit of special solvent.

11. High-power cleaning effect is so significant that can be visible with naked eyes.


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