Dot Measurement Spectrophotometer for Flexo

Exquisite flexo printing begins with accurate plate and good flexographic platemaking is the key to the quality of flexible printing. Through analyzing quality control of the flexographic plate making production process, a set of digital plate-making parameters is set up, which promotes printing standardization management and provides guideline for practical production as well. McLantis flexo detector is to detect quality of plate in printing process. ReFlexo can accurately measure the flexo proportion, line width and ruling numbers. With ReFlexo, printing plate quality will not make you worry about. Furthermore, printing quality is improved, and consumable, printing ink and time are saved as well. McLantis flexo detector can measure all types of flexible transparent plate with high resolution shoot and advanced image recognition technology. It can also be used for measurement, analysis and evaluation of all the important parameters.

* android smart operating system

* precise measurement of flexible plate dot, dot size, line number, etc

* portable integrated design, workable without connecting computer peripherals and power.

* visual observation of flexible plate, with storage function, convenience of data analysis.

* built-in storage battery, small volume, easy to carry.

* full-screen touch remote control, a variety of display patterns, convenient for observing different objects.

McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

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