Dot Measurement Spectrophotometer for Gravure and Anilox Roller

Gravure plate making is crucial process in gravure printing production. An old saying in gravure print goes like this: ‘One-third of print, seven by the plate’, which presents it is vital to make superior gravure plate for improving quality of prints. In gravure print, graphic area is sunken while non-graphic area is convex in a gravure plate and roller capacity of printing roller surface represent hue and gradation of source products. Chemical etching and electronic engraving is mainly used to product gravure plate. Whatever means to product printing roller, it all needs detection. McLantis plate measuring instrument provide satisfying choice with detection of Gravure plate quality because McLantis plate measuring instrument can measure number of dot-lines wall accurately and it is convenient to value quality of gravure plate for you. The interface of McLantis plate measuring instrument is characterized by directly visual and crystal clear display. Sizes of graphic patterns can be measured through touching operating and wireless mouse. Android OS with USB and WLAN interface can storage and conserve measured results and images for further analysis and file keeping. Besides, build-in XY moving kickstand support convenient moving microscope lens to different detecting zone directly but not adjust its base.

*.Accurate two-dimensional measurement of printing roller.

*.Working without connection of computer and power.

*.Random change of objective lens in 4x, 10x and 20x.

*.Intelligent Android OS with HD capacitive touching screen.

*.Build-in storage battery in small portably style.

*.One-button storage of data.

*.Eight functions of measurement.

*.Support wireless network transmission of images.

McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

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