Dot Measurement Spectrophotometer for Offset

Dot mainly expresses hue and gradation in printing industry. They are foundation of copy and color reproduction of printed products. Dot, tiniest unit to adsorb ink in offset print, reflects hue, gradation and tone of source products in printed. Changes of dots results in problems of printed products including sharpness, gradation, hue, contrast, tone of printing ink, ink density and black overprint. MAC-DOT most advanced dot measurement technology is used for detecting and controlling plate and quality of dot. It supports all kinds of screening technologies used at present including amplitude screening, frequency modulation screening, specialized screening and hybrid screening technology.

1.Android OS with HD 720 capacitive touching screen, storage of shooting and measured data and wireless network transmission.

2.Real time HD shooting of micro image dots for reveal reduction quality of dots in detail.

3.Measurement APP is equipped with advanced image processing technology that ensures precise measure data, and eight measuring instruments for satisfying measurement of not only daily dot ratio and screening lines, but also measuring of length, angle and area of dots and lines.

4.Electronic precise focusing with step motor to coordinate lens for a sharply clear focusing.

5.Convenient data storage through built-in one-button shoot.

Brand and Model






Measurement range

0.00 up to 2.5D

Measurement Geometry


Measurement time




McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

McLantis CTP

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