Imagesetting Film

McLantis is manufacturer of graphic arts film | imagesetting film

Hard dots, excellent image quality of McLantis imagesetting film.

High maximum density, moderate sensitivity.

Wide exposure latitude and developing latitude of McLantis imagesetting film.

Permanently anti-static polyester base




Regular Size


0.1mm polyester

image recording in Helium Neon laser or semiconductor red laser imagesetters with light source from 632.8nm to 670nm.

Extra-hand contrast, high resolution, excellent dot sharpness, moderate sensitivity, wide exposure and developing latitude, suitable for rapid access at high temperature

1.27m x 30m/roll


0.76m x 60m/roll


0.42m x 60m/roll


0.39m x 60m/roll


0.30m x 60m/roll


0.25m x 60m/roll

Dev Temp: 34-38 degree C

Dev Time: 30-40s

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