Positive CTCP Plate

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1. First Class Aluminum Substrate
The first class aluminum base of McLantis CTcP plate maintains an even surface, exact dimension and all kinds of physics and mechanical capabilities. 

2. Compound Halftone Frame and Close-grained Oxidation Layer
The multi-layer compound halftone frame and close-grained oxidation layer on the surface ensures exact dot-reproduction and excellent endurance. 

3. Hydrophilic Managing Substrate
McLantis UV-CTP plate adopts hydrophilic managed substrate to not only ensure the firm combination between sensitive layer and substrate but also improve the balance between water and ink so that it prevent from scum when machine idle and during printing. 

4. Excellent Coating Component
McLantis UV-CTP plate adopts excellent coating component to keep the plate well-proportioned coated, with high sensitive speed, fine dot-reproduction and long run length. These make McLantis CTcP plate fit for top grade commercial printing and Newspaper printing.


McLantis Positive UV CTP plate


0.15 - 0.40mm

Sensitive Wavelength

405 nm


50 - 60 mj/cm2

Dot Reproduction

2% - 98% at 200 lpi

Micro-line Reproduction

8 - 10um

Run Length

50,000 - 100,000

actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper condition.

Recommend Developer

McLantis developer or Fuji developer

Developer Concentration

powder to liquid =1:4 (automatic)

powder to liquid =1:6 (manual)

Developing Temperature

23 - 25 degree Celsius

Developing Time

30 - 40s

Baking Temperature

230 - 250 degree Celsius

Baking Time

5 - 8 min

Run Length after Baking

150,000 - 250,000

Safe Light


Shelf Life

18 months under recommended storage conditions (10 - 30 degree Celsius, relative humidity: 40% - 60%, stacking height less than 1.5 meters)


available in all standard formats including bulk packaging options:

0.15mm - 100 sheets per carton

0.30mm -  50 sheets per carton

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