Processless Thermal CTP Plate

McLantis is manufacturer of processless CTP plate | chemical free plate | non-process CTP plate

1. User Friendly 
McLantis thermal processless plate can shorten the preparation time for plate-making in order to enhance the efficiency of plate making process. 

2. Cost Saving  
McLantis thermal processless plate simplified plate processing by reducing the equipments for process and the chemicals, thus reducing cost of plate-making.

3. Environmental Friendly 
McLantis thermal processless plate effectively reduces pollution to create green printing.

4. Better Printing Quality 
Lower the effect of processing conditions on the plate performance and benefit to increase the quality and stability.


McLantis processless thermal CTP plate



Spectral Sensitivity

830 nm

Exposure Energy

140 mj/cm2 (varies based on platesetter manufacturer and developing condition)


1% - 99%@200lpi

Run Length


actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper condition.


not necessary


not recommended

Safe Light

one hour under fluorescent light without natural light direct irradiation, 4 hours under yellow light

Shelf Life

12 months under recommended storage conditions (10 - 26 degree Celsius, relative humidity: ≤70%, stacking height ≤ 1.5 meter)

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