Security Prepress Solutions

Software solutions, offset and digital intaglio platemaking, and prepress quality control for high security prepress systems.

The principle of security background anti-counterfeiting

To prevent the scan

Safety design of background system is full line, there is no dot, after printing and scanning have dot, "with the naked eye can distinguish the difference between true and false

To prevent copying

Use the same software is unable to replicate the same effect as when designing parameters and all elements of different images, the result is right.

Optical interference diffraction

Due to the interference of light, Moire effect, there is no effective technology to obtain detailed information, in addition line anti-counterfeiting huge amount of information, difficult to copy all the information in the limited time.

Personalized art originality

Half rely on software special effects, and the other half rely on the designer's ideas, imitate the action of a easy, imitate a person personalized ideas again through the tool to express, even harder

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paper anti-counterfeiting              Ink anti-counterfeit


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Line anti-counterfeiting                 Technology security

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