Violet CTP Plate

McLantis is manufacturer of violet photopolymer plate | violet plate | violet CTP plate

1. High Sensitivity of McLantis violet polymer CTP plate.

2. Long Run Length. 

3. McLantis violet polymer CTP plate is suitable for newspaper printing and commercial printing. 

4. McLantis violet polymer CTP plate is compatible with Most Brand Violet CTP platesetters. 


McLantis violet polymer CTP plate


0.15/0.30 mm

Spectral Sensitivity

405 nm

Exposure Energy

70 - 80 mj/cm2


3% - 97% at 175lpi 10 um micron line output under 1800 dpi

Run Length


actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper condition.

Recommend Developer

McLantis developer or Fuji, Agfa developer

Developing Temperature

24 - 26 degree Celsius

Developing Time

15 - 17s

Preheating Temperature

93 - 104 degree Celsius

Safe Light

amber light with brightness between 80-120 LUX, exposing time less than 15 minutes

Shelf Life

12 months under recommended storage conditions (20 - 26 degree Celsius, relative humidity: ≤60%, stacking height ≤ 1.5 meter)

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